Pulsar Effect = Roman Empire ?

This has concerned me for the past few days… Pulsar Effect. Has it become the Roman Empire of Garry’s Mod? You may be saying, “No. No relation.” but before you say that please put this thought into your head…

PE collapsed do to constant harassment from DDOS’ers and Leakers.
**The Roman Empire was constantly under threat from barbaric tribes.

**Towards the final days of PE the leadership was becoming aggravated.
**Towards the end of the Western Roman Empire the leadership was sparking riots and rebellions.

**As PE collapsed Older/Smaller Groups began to arise.
**After the collapse of the Roman Empire tribes/small civilizations were allowed to take back their land.

**PE left a small legacy in Roleplay, and occasionally some people look at PERP as a standing bar for roleplay.
**Rome left a gigantic legacy by leaving the idea of currency, crafts, and irrigation systems. Several of these concepts are still alive today!

**This is just my view on it… Pulsar Effects collapse looks nothing short of a Roman Empire collapse.
If history does repeat it self we may be seeing a new Pulsar Effect arise from the ashes and smoke. Who knows… Maybe someday hunts will start PE again.

OP, you’re pretty retarded


seriously none of those points were even remotely related

Either a Rant or a shit post, as always :doh:
Please, where did you get the idea of Pulsar Effect =/= Roman Empire?

Similarity of events really. I was taking a look at some books and the way things went down with Pulsar Effect and the Roman Empire seemed relevant. I was just seeing if anyone wanted to make a discussion on how they both seemingly went down because of aggravated leadership.

ITT: Guy thinks PE was important and took over whole of GMode, guy was wrong.

I didn’t state that. I stated the relevance in collapse was very similar.

Please stop making these threads, they are utter shit. It’s like you think EVERYTHING has to be a melodrama, then again, you are a furry.

PE couldn’t collapse anyway, in order to collapse something needs to have reached some sort of height.

PE never ruled the gmod community.

Roman Empire wasn’t filled with furries who didn’t know what they were doing.

Just let PE Die already. Fuck sake Joe, every one of your Roleplay related posts are sucking up to a dead community.

I’m sorry to inform you Pulsar Effect isn’t a metaphorical simile for an ancient empire. It’s an internet roleplaying community that broke down because of drama.

Really can we just let it die already?

Don’t worry, Pulsar Effect 6, 7 and 8 are here now.

They will do a better job than the last 5.

Yes, its exactly like the Roman Empire, remember when the PE administrators took forward a huge army to march against Carthage and the Gauls?

Seriously, nothing of this shit is even a little related.

Protip, don’t make a thread attempting to explain more complex phenomena using things you were just taught in school.

Those points apply to nearly every empire, society or generally any big enough group. Just look it up and you’ll see that every single RP community falls under the same paradigm.

Way to steal my idea.


Posted a week before this.

Taking credit for an idea people think is stupid.

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Joe, find a decent roleplaying community and never post here again. This is not meant as an insult, it is for the same reason as to why you do not take a nap on a railroad track.


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