Pump It Up

Something of a follow-on from The Wind-Down. Even on Combine-occupied Earth, sometimes you’ve just gotta cut loose and dance like your legs are horribly broken.

For those who are totally missing the reference,

Enjoy, or don’t. Up to you.

You went a little lazy on some of the hair, but very nice anyway.

Good posing

Do I see a tubby on that bald man? :v:
Other wise, as mentioned the hair is a little meh. I can’t elaborate(?) though cause I can’t edit for shit.
The atmosphere and posing is great as always, I also enjoy your poses using that scene.

Love it,
The way that guy moves pisses me off

Then he accidently fires off a grenade and everyone dies.

I love the guy on the “drums”. That alone was enough for me to truly capture the feel of the celebration and fun in the image.

Edited hair looks great in rock style. Also good posing make more attractive scene.

p good bud

Great posing, that made my day…

I love elvis costello and your just feeding me.
Also love the picture.

You have to admit that a lot of the Resistance aren’t trained soldiers, just runaways from the various cities who appear to have somehow acquired weapons and equipment. They probably would have very little knowledge of their weapon, if any, besides pulling the trigger and inserting ammo, and they wouldn’t have time to learn up due to various combine raids.
As for the “accidentaly firing off a grenade and killing everyone” bit, he does not have either one of his hands on the GP-25’s trigger. Last time I checked, the GP series of Russian 'nade launchers aren’t pump-action, like the China Lake from CoD: BO

Probably has a minimum activation range anyway.

Not taking into account that if he fired, it would probably propel itself straight into the drummer, thus stopping any explosion from happening anyway.

God, all that knowledge from CoD…

That is, even if it’s loaded.

Now we’re just being silly.

Ross, you’re a boss. Seriously, this is really awesome.

This warmed my heart and made my day, sir. A heart to you.

thats a hot ass AKS-74P GP-25

I was listening to “Pump It Up” before I came here, you are the winner for today.