Pumpkin plants -- decay faster, give out fewer seeds

I don’t know if pumpkin plants count towards entity counts, but seeing as they are dynamically added by planting seeds, can be destroyed, collide with players, etc. I assume that they are. Whether they do or not (but especially if they do), they need to be curtailed a bit IMO. After a few days, they show up everywhere.

I would suggest adding decay (it doesn’t seem like they decay at all), lowering the number of times they can be harvested, giving out fewer seeds (lower chance per pumpkin), and add a delay to planting them to discourage people planting large number of seeds as they run.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but if they do count as entities, they can slow down and eventually break a server. t is nice that they are easy to destroy, but most people don’t bother and they are still easier to plant than destroy.

Maybe even give them have a small chance of returning some (1-2) cloth (a la hemp) for breaking them to encourage their destruction?

I’ve seen very few pumpkins and even less corn lately. I’d like to get a little pumpkin patch going, got one seed recently and planted it but it never grew, or someone destroyed it.

This isn’t really a problem on my server either. Wild pumpkins are reasonably rare. Honestly, I would say the spawn rate for them is right at perfect. If anything, I think the spawn rate for wild corn needs to be lifted. Have yet to see one this reset.

I will agree that its super ez to start a pumpkin farm as long as you find 1 seed. The hardest part is just keeping it safe from players.

Maybe all the various rates could be made into server config variables. I suspect they are mostly a problem on highly populated servers.

After a few days, the area around the airstrip was full of pumpkins on the server I play on. We had an extra few days after skipping the scheduled wipe last Thursday, and the server hit the max entities issue, and I am fairly certain the pumpkin explosion was at least partly to blame.

Better late than never, I suppose.

From the devblog:
"Plants Balance Garry Newman

We had a problem with pumpkin plants: on one of our servers we had 400k entities, and over 100k of them were pumpkin plants. The problem is that they just don’t die. They keep giving seeds, but they don’t die off. The long term goal to solve this is that you’re going to have to water them and shit to keep them alive.

For now I’ve hard-coded their mortality so they live for up to seven seasons or three harvests, whichever comes first."