Punch out!! (Wii)

just wondering if someone could do this since there’s not much boxers models


How about some pictures to see what you want.

Me thinks it’s possible to rip from Wii.

they did with the super smash bros brawl models so why not this since gmod it lacks boxers

For posterity sake.

Perhaps I should explain each of the cast members outside of Little Mac and the Ref. This reply will start with Doc Louis all the way to the champion of the Minor League

Jerome “Doc” Louis: Little Mac’s trainer and a former Heavyweight Champion. Has a craving for Chocolate.

Glass Joe: The Broken Jaw of France and your first opponent. Fact: There is a similar character in Super Punch-Out named Gabby Jay.

Von Kaiser: Militaristic German boxer who’s a coward on the inside. Fact: In the original NES version, he spoke english. But in the Wii version, he speaks German

Disco Kid: Disco Dancing punching machine. Fact: While he is the only new character in Punch Out Wii, many of his moves are based on the Punch Out Arcade character: Kid Quick.

King Hippo: Island chief of Hippo Island and Minor Circuit Champion. Fact: King Hippo became famous due to his appearance as a henchman character in Captain N: The Game Master

I’ll talk more after I see some replies. Next post will be about Piston Hondo, Bear Hugger, Great Tiger and Don Flamenco. And the following will be about Aran Ryan, Soda Popinski(Voda Drunkenski), Bald Bull, Super Macho Man, Mr Sandman and Donkey Kong