Punching and kicking

I am wondering if its possible to make a weapon that can pucnh and kick on the same time for gmod cause that would be awsome

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Of course it’s possible, but there is no view model for it.

There is a fists, and a Leg view model, but you can’t combine 2 view models.

Well TF2 does it with the spy watches, and _Killburn replicated it. So unless it’s something model specific it can probably be done. I don’t have a clue how tough.

Not yet… NOT YET.
But he is gonna find a way to replicate it.

Plus this

I want zeno clash style fighting in gmod, that would be awesome!

This was made in gmod 9. I think it was the only SWEP that really needed getViewModel() to be a function. But really though, it must be possible some how, no? Come on guys, get creative^^

I’m pretty sure it’s not that easy to create two viewmodels in gmod10 (if it’s possible at all). Of course you could create a secondary clientside model and parent it to the player, but I’ve always had problems with animating clientside models.
Anyway, it’s easier to decompile the separate models and just merge them together. That’s how I did it at least: