'punching flares!'


this was going to be for the comp but it’s more like ‘oh fuck breakkkkk’ than ‘i’ll take all you cunts with me’

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The flares look really low detail, the yellow light being cast doesn’t match their colour, the smoke effects look very 2D (and their direction seems to infer the plane is travelling in a very odd motion), the afterburner effect looks like a cartoony PS2 flight game, the missile’s path doesn’t make any sense, looks like you didn’t bother to pose a pilot and the motion-blur is just harsh on the eyes.

Seriously you can do way better than this because I have seen better from you many times before.

flares as a general rule don’t look too detailed. they’re too bright to look directly at safely from close up, being magnesium and all. smoke is shit because i’m bad at smoke; i’m working on it. burners didn’t come out how i wanted, i guess i’ll have to play with that next time to make sure it looks right.

missile’s path is meant to infer the hornet has been jinking like all fuck to try get away, but owing to 2d smoke, i can see how it looks fucked. not much foreshortening or anything there.

mo-blur is to get some speed happening - it was the map or the planes, and i crack the shits when people blur the planes rather than the background.


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Everything is good there is nothing wrong with it!!!

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Look at photo. To your picture. Back to the photo. Back to me.

Your flares are just a white soft brush that was duplicated and blurred with some colour. They look like they are floating with no motion and they aren’t casting any light on the smoke.

I guess it’s the rubbish perspective on the smoke that makes it look like the missile has done numerous high-g turns within the space of 200m then (nb: missiles can’t do that).

Explaining why you did it doesn’t change anything - I already knew why you did it. I’m just saying it looks crap.

Everything is perfect, there is nothing wrong with this picture at all.

my bad, i thought you meant the flare itself, not the smoke. yeah, i went light on it because i know my smoke is rubbish. i wish i could’ve done otherwise, but it would’ve looked even worse. i guess next time i might just have to cheat and use a smoke brush. as for not lighting the smoke - fair cop, and well spotted. i totally forgot.

missile is meant to have made those turns over several hundred metres (like, nearly a kilometre, perhaps more), but shit perspective. i’m pretty unhappy with it myself.


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I can’t appreciate the fine art of Jets but it doesn’t look like there’s anyone in there.

there is, he’s just really badly drawn and really really dark


since we can all agree the picture is rubbish, how’s the skin?

could use bumpmapping

and if it is bumpmapped it could use more bumpmaps.

More intense bumpmaps.

Ross, why are you such a hypocrite? When you criticize someone and they start making excuses for everything you tell them that they should… Ugh… Stop making excuses for everything. And yet, look at what you are doing.

i’m not making excuses. learn to read. i acknowledged i fucked a lot of shit up.

jesus christ, can’t i post anywhere on this forum without someone jumping on me for it?


actually, being that i still have the raw psd (i think), i might fuck with this later. not tomorrow, too much going on.

Sorry. I really like your works, your collection inspired me to get back into GMod, it’s just that I can’t stand any form of hypocrisy at all.

That’s what I mean.

We cool?

If you wouldn’t mind me asking…
Why the fuck is he dropping his external fuel/radar jammers? That makes no sense to me… Isn’t he trying to avoid a missile not get his ass blown up quicker?

If I’m not mistaken, he has watched “Behind enemy lines” recently. And there is a scene there where the pilots of a jet-fighter drop their fuel tanks to cause a fire ball to confuse a couple of rockets that were fired at them.

Wild guess.

It looks like theres no pilot.

External fuel tanks are supposed to be jettisoned before a contact because they weigh the aircraft down and prevent it from maneuvering as well as it might.

Ah. I just didn’t see why at first… At the 100 yard point the maneuver is generally, “Bend over, and kiss your ass good bye”

Yeah, flares won’t do anything at that range - the missile wouldn’t be able to change direction fast enough anyway.


People also seem to think that missiles blow up when they get to the flares for some reason too… which is what seems to happen a lot in films and game cinematics and stuff. All they do is fly to the heat source of the flares and then pass them because they are so small and harmlessly fly off in the wrong direction until they run out of fuel and fall on some poor granny’s house.