Punchout Wii textures

I’m looking for the textures for the characters only. I don’t need anything else but if it’s easier to not sort through it I’ll download whatever is there. I want to use these if possible to help me mod WWF No Mercy. I’ll use the textures as a guideline for making Punchout!! characters in the game. I’ve also thought of the old snes version but I don’t know if that would work so well or possible or usable at all.

I found a boxing ring mod for the game and thought it would be fun to play Punchout guys with a modded WWF No Mercy boxing ring.

I don’t know much of anything about modding other than dealing with PJ64. I could use drawings but I need the whole body and face to be facing forward to make it easier. That’s why I wanted the textures to see if they would be more helpful with body or face (plus it would look more like the Punchout character). Any help whether it be the textures or pointing me in the right direction is appreciated. I have an old computer that can’t run Dolphin so I can’t do it myself.