Punish or forgive system TTT ?

Just wondering is there one out there as it would be a great system to have for when someone is RDMed, anyone know if there is one ?

Yea, it’s called Karma. It works great if configured correctly.

Lonke, read again. Also. This is not the section to ask questions/help.

Depends what you call rdm?

If i pick up a prop and throw it at you, damage you to 89hp.
You then kill me.
I select Punish.
You die.

Theres a large fault there.

maybe he has to make a script that looks on certain stuff, like if an inno guy killed other Inno’s he cant use the punish system, and traitors can only use it if another traitor killed him.

pain in the ass coding, 99% flawless work

I got no clue what you meant there.

If innocents can’t punish other innocents when killed … it will just end in a bloodbath as everyone just shoot each other.
What is TTT? … No its not “hide and seek” … nor “Death-match” … it’s a gamemode about detective-work and trust.

As I remember; There aren’t any modules or input for the brain in Gmod … yet … therefore you can’t check if the person has figured out the traitor (by his/her actions), was RDMing or just plain lucky.

Btw: Most servers got minimum Karma-level that will kick everyone off who’s RDM’ing.

i mean, if an inno killed an inno before and he gets killed he cant use the punish system,

terrible, this isn’t CSS

take this scenario for example: an innocent kills an innocent expecting he is a traitor, although it was an honest mistake, the killed innocent still selects punish? it’ll end in a round being over in a matter of minutes, completely pointless.

I created a separate system a while back as people were whining they they were losing their hatstore money by killing people who were damaging/killing other innocents. It actually worked quite well alongside at least one admin being on most of the day and I think if your server wasn’t full of 13 year old idiots and had some decent regulars on it, it could be extended to karma.

Basically if an innocent damaged another innocent for more than a set number, say 10, that player was flagged as ‘naughty’ for 30 seconds, and damaging another innocent further reset that timer back to 30. During that time any other innocent faced no punishment in terms of cash for killing the said person that was flagged.

It is worth noting that this worked alongside admins, so people couldn’t just get free kills because they saw someone damage another innocent, and there was no way for other players to tell who was currently flagged or not. The point of this was that legit players were taking hits to their cash because they were killing people who would come on and shoot fellow innocents at random…This solution took extra pressure off admins as players were sick of losing their in-game cash after killing people who decided to shoot indiscriminately.

The karma system is very effective though, the only issue is most servers have it way too loose and players can get away with so many innocent kills before they are banned. My advice would be to set an extremely low karma number for ban, say 1 karma, but set penalties per kill very high, so people take a big hit to their damage for making mistakes but they wont get banned after an unlucky few rounds.

I think the point is to check for all sources of damage.

That’s not always possible, though

Assuming you do somehow fix prop damage crediting, there’s still map-based traps with no kill credit, and other unexpected damage sources that would be difficult to credit properly

Even fall damage credit is just a “Was he pushed in the last x seconds?”, so that’s also completely unreliable

It’s easy to fix all that, though. TTT sucks, in the end, however.