Punisher is a survivor

If you don’t know why he is still looking like hes kicking ass, its because he’s in a lot of shock and pain :frowning:

Does not need editing.


Where is the image?

Why the hell do I get Array when I put it in filesmelt.

I’m getting that too.

everyone!, please use cubeupload!, they don’t delete,no signup, and upload is right on the front page!

Punisher looks funny

As in funny or as in hes sexy.

And why is that soldier on the left fucking the dead guy?


I get it too, I do have a way to solve this though…
Does the numbers in you screenshot’s name end with 0 or is 00000?
well, just change it to words, or 000001, or something.

party going on in the background yeah

They are probaly dragging the poor Punisher into the Warehouse for gangrape

When I saw the picture and the guys in the back, all I could think was “Now just what the fuck is supposed to be going on here?”

Then I noticed who made the thread and it all kinda clicked.

The guy on the background made me lol so bad.


Bubz…I want your models.

Pivot what are you smoking?

Dubez… :smiley:

That’s nice.