Punisher Pack: Reloaded

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Punisher Pack: Reloaded

[tab]Description:[/tab] A couple of modelhacks using Male_09 to create a Frank Castle look-a-like. Sadly, I still can’t make him look exactly like him.


[tab]Credits:[/tab] Ignyu, S-low, Simkas, The-Dutch-Guy, Rusty, and Dean for model parts and skinning, and for early support: Silver Spirit, Pelef, Derive4, Renth, and Kameren for tips and help, Taggart and Dean for tutorials, and Canadian Gouda for the idea. [/release]

Images for effect:




Awesome! Great pack!

Looks great but the gloves need some fixing.

Oh shit long coat, nice.


Also I thought you were going to use this face

Read it as Punisher pack: Rolond.

Nice hacks Sgt.Shotup

I started to think that his face seemed too thin for a Punisher look.

As for the gloves: No matter how hard I try, I couldn’t get those suckers to line up! :argh:

Nobody else did.

Very nice pack!!!

You should use that Vin Diesel port as a base for the body when it’s not the Crysis soldier. Mostly because it’s burly looking. Punisher isn’t slender.
Besides the fakefactory erdim face looks way too indian/middle-eastern, Frank is white.

See what I mean? Original model “strong erdim”.