Here is a new swep admins can use.
No, it’s not an admin swep that will shoot 100 bullets per sec and make explosions.

The swep will turn players and npc’s into bouncing ragdolls.
Annoying music will also play if a player is turned into a ragdoll.

This video does not show the swep but the swep has the same effect when used on players.

Reload: Change punish time ( from 10 sec to 60 sec).
Primary Fire: Shoot.
Secondary Fire: Punish yourself.


I made this swep a long time ago.
Don’t know why i didn’t release it before.

You finally released it! This is fun to use, gets annoying after a while though.

Bahaha, I demand to know where you got that music from. I can’t stop laughing watching that vid.

Hah! When I heard the music I lituraly was like HAAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA HA HAAAAAAAAA!
Do the clients have to downlaod the song when they join a server because if they don’t then it’s no use.


WHOA! That was some real anoying loop. :open_mouth:

Realy funny Thanks your a god

That songs loops much better in the weeble flash.

My ears they burn!

Awesome on so many levels.

It once happened to me with BailOut! Really! I was like “LOL WTF LOL”…

OMG this is awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:
thank u! :B

It’s kind of sad that I’ve actually seen this video once before…the “aaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha” one. lol. good times.

I was hoping it was THE Punisher.

We need a video of very long bouncing.

Sakarias, everything you touch turns to gold!

Maximum punish time is one min but you can change the limit in the code.

This good sir is GLORIOUS.

I’m totally getting my friend to put this on his server.

I remember this bit of code from your BailOut mod. In that mod it in 88 chance of working IIRC.

shhh! :stuck_out_tongue: