Punk with a TEC.

aka zoey with a silly haircut

My god, that sun is way too bright in my opinion. And by the way if she’s going to fire that thing, she going to have a headache known as recoil.

I’m not saying it’s bad, though. Nice picture.

When I first saw it, I instantly thought Jack from Mass Effect.

But yeah, the sun is way too bright.

If you can’t shoot a semi-auto 9mm with one hand then idk. Also that’s not the sun, it’s the train’s headlights.

I’ve never played Mass Effect, pah.

E: looking at it again, the rimlighting is a bit excessive in some places.

I just thought it’d be pretty uncontrolled when you would fire that in that position with your elbow lower then the gun itself. Could be wrong.

o also here’s the unedited version

If you look closely you can see where my clonestamp tool fucked up:

rather, where I fucked it up.

Additionally that TEC model is fucking huge, holy shit.

Zoey Zoey everywhere.

Fixed the finger clipping, my friend pointed it out to me.

Zoey’s beautiful like that.

look out theres a train behind you

Yeah… I don’t think anyone holds a gun that loose.

She’s clearly posing for the camera like a pinup girl, not shooting.


Your editing is BOSS my good sir.


Is that a DeKalb I spy there, toast?


thanks :>

What country are you from?

Her re-canoned necropolis incarnation, minus the opioid addiction and Mary Sueisms.

Ah… but if you look closely, her entire stance is very loose.

Nice hair for her. The type that spawn job offers everywhere. Train light is a bit strong, but good work.

what’s that little weird spot on her jacket

An ABC No Rio patch.