Punkgirl on the snow <3



Looks like the snow is on fire. She might want to move away.

I lol’d 'cause the key words are fire and snow :v:


It’s nothing special but it’s different than the usual “off-screen shooting idiot”.
So i guess, that counts as a plus. :wink:

Are fairies around her :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: You can download them here, http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=25270

Wouldn’t really say she is a punk girl.

Punk? More like anime wants it in the ass slut.

Agreed ^

… 0_o


I think I’ll pass.

Yea those fairy’s are crap… The pose is good and all but it’s just as boring as a single person shooting off screen.

It’s nice.


She doesn’t appear to be evoking any emotion…

Unless of course she is not faceposable, in which case - facepalm

bitch cut her chin


…What is the point of this?

Some goo:barf:
sorry, this is go:barf:
this is fi:barf:
I…I think I’m not going to say anything goo:barf:

I’ll just… go lay on the floor over there…

I thought you had got it out of your system.

Whatever >.>