PunkShit Thread.

Its safer here


We don’t create individual threads for all our pics here.


Actually that’s exactly what we do.

Create a thread per pic, that’s what he meant.

As much as I saw, everyone does that…

Ah ok, But what do you guys think about my pic :3?

Yes, that’s why Punkshit is doing it wrong.

Anyway back to the pic, the dof is fine, but turn up your graphics and try to work on a better angle.

Never been a fan of HL2 pictures, because I have no idea what is happening in most of them. Though this one looks pretty nice.

What?! ** This** is the only hl2 pic that makes sense?

Combine mask obscures almost the whole image. Other pose is to far away to see anything, least make a judgment.

I don’t need to find sense in this one!
In most of others I’ve seen, there is some Hl2 story behind the pics.