"Punting bot, server is hibernating"

I recently came back to a script I made a while back that used bots to keep Lua from sleeping when no players are online, but it seems that this method no longer works. When I create a bot and there are no players online, the server kicks the bot for: “Punting bot, server is hibernating” Is there a way to disable this behavior, or is there a new “trick” to keep Lua from hibernating?

sv_hibernate_when_empty 0
Maybe? I would try searching google bit.

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Already found that post. That CVar doesn’t exist.

seems to be a sourcemod cvar, maybe not but never heard of it before :confused:
maybe like this guy did but that’s a very complicated method and idk if you can hook this easily in gmod

Try creating another bot in PlayerDisconnect hook when first bot is getting kicked. Server doesn’t kick second bot.

Ooo handy, I was wanting one of my servers not to hibernate so I could do daily reboots but only when empty.