Purchasing a GMOD Lua-scripter for DarkRP

Hello, I’m purchasing pro Lua-Scripters for a garry’s mod server. I’m looking to purchase 2-3 coders. [You must be pro]

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Add marcell54 on steam

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong forum" - Overv))

Too bad I’m not for sale for 10$

Lol, who said anything for $10? Lol

How can you even use DarkRP and “pro” in one request?

I am the proest, where do I sign up?

I’d like $500 for the work.

You realise that a semi professional programmer can take up to 15$/hour or even more?

And if you have like 3 coders working about 3 hours per week that would get quite expensive

Idc. add marcell54 if you’re interested.

It may help if you tell us what you want made and how much you are willing to pay

If you’re looking to purchase some good coders, I think there’s a few on eBay.

I’ll do whatever you want for $300 flat.

Take a look here
I hope you guys all realize are in risk for being banned. This guy should of read the rules theres a thread for this type of stuff.