Purchasing a roleplay script. Willing to pay negotiable price.

I’m looking to purchase a custom roleplay script, that I would hope to be easily modified.

As the title says, I would be willing to negotiate a fixed price, with an approx timespawn of the 1/9/10 to 4/9/10. Extending to a latest of 6/9/10 if required.

The script is fairly simple, not asking for overly fancy vgui.


Character Creation
Backpack/Editable Items
Editible Flag system; I.e. Trader, Civilian, Etc.
Incharacter and out-of-character chat.
Title system.

Hunger system optional
Stamina system optional

I personally don’t see that as a overly complicated task. Think of it as a fresh write of a script similiar to Lemonadescript.

If you are interested, please post here or contact me via PM.

Sorry, but nobody will be able to complete at script on that timespan.

If you want it premade, it can be arranged for a cheap price. If not I can help. Not in that rediculous timespan.

I would have no complaints, pre-made or not.

Also, your timespan expired a year and 27 days ago.

I’ve only just noticed I put 09.

Wait fuck I wrote them completely wrong.

Fixed. Goddamn it.

…How much?

You’ll have to pay a lot. Buy PERP2 or something lol.

Go waste your life on some game inside a game. Who will spend 900 dollars in a 5 minute script?

horseShoe has been in development since 08 its popular. And well made ect.

Purchasing? Why buy something made with a Free Scripting Language?

Why bump a 4 week old thread?