Pure pain

I recently bought a new pc (mainly to play rust) its my first time with my own pc and I got it new (its a prebuilt, dont judge) and I was really enjoying playing rust on it however after just over a week in the game I was banned (game banned), I dont know why, I didnt cheat (Dont even know how I would cheat even if I wanted to), there is no chance that my PC was previously hardware banned because I bought it new, I didnt play with anyone who cheats, didnt have anything installed on my PC that could have caused EAC to ban me, this ban happened about a month ago and I have appealed it pretty much every day since I was banned, does anyone know what I could do to get EAC to respond to my appeals (any other way for me to reach out to them) as I wasnt cheating and I know once they see my appeal they will unban me