Pure Rust Server PvP/Slprs

We came to bring the community a Rust server that shines out from the rest.
We all know and seen that a lot of these servers out there have some sort of
abuse that administrators are putting out. What we’re offering here is an abuse
free server. We will not tolerate any abusing of any kind. We are trying to build a fun
community where everything is legit. We believe in the fact that whatever little advantage
you have over another player is called abuse. Come one come all, help us make our community
stronger and richer.

Server name: [US West]Pure Rust PvP/Sleepers ---- Under the community Tab

Have fun and enjoy!

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

Contradictions contradictions.

Its to the point now that everytime I see a new server come up I think to myself “what a waste of money lol”