Purely buisness my Peu de Chou-fleur


I still hate the spy’s legs.

It looks like the train is shaking.

I’m glad she’s dead. Everyone knows that double agents have no emotions. :v:


She’s so short.

Camera angle is pretty bad.

no AA?

I spot wasted space and bad camera angle.
And I dont get it.
Why killing her?

AA is on 4 for TF2 maps, because when it’s on six, the wall textures well…

It’s not that bad when it’s on 6, but a lot of the textures look like that.

I couldn’t really find a decent camera angle that would include all three points of interest.

Thank you both for the C&C Btw.

Dude thats your problem.
Get better comp cause it works fine at my comp.
Well the picture is still better than your “comic”.

It’s not a computer problem, i can turn AA up to 6 on KOTH TF2 maps and other non-TF2 maps, just not the vanilla ones for some reason. I’ve still been searching why.

And getting another computer won’t be possible for a couple more months.