Hey there, FP folks. I’m gonna start a new comic series. I’ll tell more as I go on and expand on the story a bit. This first comic is just proof of concept, hence some of the shoddy pics.

Update: I have started a group to help with production of these, seeing as many people like the idea. The quality is going to improve a hell of a lot.

Update: It’s been a while, but I think it’s about time to start up my series again. What do you guys think?

But here you go, Purgatory.exe. Enjoy! (or don’t).

























C&C. This isn’t the finished product, mind you, just a prototype/pilot sort of thing.
Be brutal <3

P.S. I screwed up the title of the thread, it’s Purgatory.exe, the l is a typo.

Funny or winner…can’t decide

That wasn’t a desert eagle.

your speech bubbles look a bit MS Paint-y. use Lt_C’s tutorial.

You may have found a flaw. I used one from Larry’s pack, it said desert eagle, though you’re probably right. Thanks!

Surprisingly, I really like that effect of where the monsters are coming out the clay. However, the graphics. Turn them up when taking the shot, and turn them down when posing. The posing is a bit off in some places. Such as the last panel, the man wouldn’t be running like that with a scythe like that, sure he also might a be a god-like character but you didn’t hint at that at all. His hand was in the same place twice. Make sure to show variation. I do like it overall, and the plot does seem quite good so far. Honestly, I’d love to see more. And props for sticking right through the comic, a lot of people (including myself) give up halfway through.


Also, don’t save them individually, put them all into one big picture. It saves time and memory (depending on what you use to host)

“David” is sort of like a guide, and therefore more powerful and whatnot. And thanks for the tips, especially with the variation, it hadn’t even come to mind with the hands. And I’ll admit the posing is a off, but I tried to keep it at a small level of bad. I will say I have more story figured out than I let on, though not completely there yet. Expect higher quality in the future.

No, he’s 100% right. That’s a 1911A1. Still, I enjoyed the comic, in spite of the error. :v:

Pretty good idea, but i liked if this were edited

Good work, I was about to ask what map that was though :v:

Great idea.
1.Purgatory(l?).exe (notice the l)
2. where the hell did you find that awesome desert eagle?and the wire frame versions too

I actually goofed up the title. "l’ is not meant to be there, and I stated that. Thank you though.

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Actually, sorry to bump it again, but would anyone like to help with this, because I really enjoy this idea.
I would really appreciate if someone wanted to help with writing the story, and possibly editing. Mind you, I’ll still be doing most of the work, but I little help wouldn’t hurt all that much.

You do realize that the wireframe is a material for the toolgun?

Okay, well, the decision has been made to redo the comic and thread. It’s gonna be the same everything, just much, much higher quality than this one. I really plan on doing this series for a while, or as long as people like it :v

PRetty cool start.


Well, I’d certainly like to see more

Well, you’ll get more. And it’ll be a lot better.

I can help with writing if you haven’t already found someone.

Actually, Blitzkrieg and Keyblade are, but if you really want to help, we have another spot open. We’re trying to keep it a small group, to limit confusion. How are you with editing?