purple and black checkers and error signs galore

So, I recently bought and downloaded Gmod, because I heard it was tons of fun and really just something that was really neat to goof around with

so I bought it, downloaded it, and said, “Hey, why not check out some online servers?” and so I did. I tried to connect to a server titled “the wasteland rp” because I figured it was a post-apocalypse rp, which is cool, because I find rp fun.

anyway so I load up the server, and right as it’s on the last bit to download it says “map not found, disconnecting”

and so I’m like well shit, guess I’ll go to a different server. So I find one that reads “downtown_rp” which I click and it loads the server

problem is when I get in game this happens

anyone know how I can fix this without having to buy a bunch of games I really don’t want to play? thanks

By not playing the map.
Problem solved (I don’t assume you want to buy CSS/ Ep2)

You’re going to need to buy CS:S.

Just buy CSS.

Pirating is illegal and CSS is pretty damn cheap compared to most games, especially with all of these sales we have on Steam.

What are you talking about? On the screenshot you can see Steam running, and in his Steam profile you can see that he has Gmod.

Also, you pretty much need to buy CSS.

-snip double post-

Pirating CSS or other game files?

It is considering illegal when people let other people download the game files so that they can get the content without buying the game.

i had the same issue playing on a rp server, bought css. no more errors.