Purple and black checkers on DarkRP servers when I have CSS

Well I have purple and black checkers on the gui menu’s, everything else is fine the building gui (Q menu) is fine but its just the DarkRP gui. I have most of the source games, all of the I think but it still shows purple and black checkers HELP ME PLEASE!!!

My Games:

If the content is mounting, and you can see the models, chances are the issue is due to the server being shit, and not sending the GUI materials to you. Tell the server owner not to suck ass.

If it’s on all servers, with all custom materials and models, make sure Gmod is allowed through your firewall.

I joined another server and it says I dont have rp_downtown or something

The issue is that servers are hosted by 12 year old idiots who don’t know how to set up a server properly with FastDL, each one is different and most of them are bad. Try joining one until you find one that doesn’t suck ass, and you’ll find no more issues.

Your issues are with the Gmod community, not Gmod.

Ok I didnt know. It seems to work now, thanks for the help.