Purple and black squares, ERROR signs floating, and seizure pictures

I only have TF2, and downloaded GMOD, but I get ERROR signs everywhere, purple and square circles, and seizure inducing pictures.

The sky in this picture moved so fast and kept duplicating on top of eachother that I can’t play it. Looked like I was about to have a seizure.

I heard that I need all the source games to not have problems, but are there skins and textures of the game that I can download so I don’t get these problems anymore?

CS:S and Ep2 would be a safe bet; most GMod content uses it.


And no downloading the materials would be warez, unless you downloaded completely new replacement versions.

So I actually have to buy several games to play one without problems?

A simple texture and skin pack download would be better.

ZS uses CS:S, and the skybox thing is probably the map

Buy the orange box, I think it’s on sale, it’ll be all you need to enjoy Gmod to its fullest (and CS:S).

Sorry bro.

I had to shell out $20 for a game that I only played 2 times. Still, Garry’s Mod is easily worth $30.

[sp]Don’t tell garry[/sp]

I’m fairly sure it’s said in several places that in order to run entirely without problems, Garry’s Mod requires CS:S, HL:DM, Ep.1 and Ep.2. It’s not vital, but expect to see a fair few missing textures and models until you do. Sometimes when you’re downloading the map it’ll tell you if you need a particular game to run it.

To have a nice experience with GMOD, you need Half-Life 2, Counter Strike: Source and Episode 2

Actually, CS:S and Ep2. HL2 content comes as standard.

You mean that it comes with GMOD even when you don´t own the game?
I don´t think so.

Most content that Half-Life 2 uses are already in the SDK of Ep2 and CS:S.

Most of it does, actually. Because Valve recycles - HL2 props are seen in various other Valve games.

You’re gonna need CS:S and Ep2 before you can play online without a shitload of errors.