Purple and black squares OF DOOM!

My problem is that my models import; however, the material will not import. The only tutorials i could find were each at least a year old. I found myself putting many tutorial ideas together to finally get a working model, but without texture, its not really complete.

Im using the 3d editor Blender, which i have an exporter for. I follow this tutorial half way:
then I follow it up with Jaanus’ tutorial:

So what i end up doing is…

  1. make a simple model (making a cube at the moment)
  2. create a texture using vtf edit, use this code:

    "$basetexture" "models/props/<materialname>"
    "$surfaceprop" "metal"
    "$model" 1

  1. Put that texture into blender.
  2. export two smd files for model and bounding box
  3. create a new folder on my desktop named “test”
  4. put all of the images and smd files in that folder
  5. create a model.qc and idle.smd


$modelname        "test/test.mdl"
$body mybody    "test.smd"
$surfaceprop    "metal"
$cdmaterials    "models/test"
$scale            1

$sequence idle    "idle.smd" loop fps 1

$collisionmodel    "test-phy.smd" { 

       "base"  "Metal.Medium"


version 1
0 "joint0" -1
time 0
0 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0 0.000000 0.000000

  1. Use GUIStudio to compile the model
  2. make a new folder in materials called test and put all of the materials in it
  3. start gmod and realize the last 20 minutes did not bring you any closer to making the texture work.

Any help would be greatly enjoyed.

Same problem here, I have sifted through every tutorial I can but still haven’t been able to get past this!

I’m not familiar with Blenders interface, but make sure that before exporting, the texture name applied to the model is the same name that you are using for the .vmf file.

do you mean .vmt file?