Purple and black texture errors or "ERROR" models, which do you hate more?

Which of the above do you get annoyed by more?

The obvious one is your post.
Error model.

Rape-brain idiots.


Neither since I install all my addons properly. :smile:

Purple and Black. But when i CSS and the Orange Box i never saw that pesky Color-Combo Again!

Wheres both?


The question is which do you hate ** more? **

i get annoyed by the op


i hate ** but i kinda like ** but ** is really awesome but its full of hackers

how many of these are you going to make

I have the ship error replacement. looks pretty funny if someone runs around with a presentbox instead of his chest.

Would you please stop spamming polls just because you can?

i suggest we tar and feather the op.

then we burn him

then we have sexi time with his corpse

Errors. Definitely. With textures, I get the same shape, but i’m missing out on some grass or something. When I see errors, I don’t what it is, and I don’t know how to move around or through it.

Purple and black, eye rape.

Yeah, Garry isn’t one for numbing down the downsides to Garrysmod.

Haha, I have that same addon. And I was playing Zombie Survival, and the poison headcrabs were shooting little christmas presents at people… :smiley:

“ERROR” with missing textures.

You can’t Bold **Bold **posts.