Purple checker textures and models replaced with "ERROR"

It happens whenever I download a custom map from the web, and I see it quite a lot in multiplayer. Even if the map is just a BSP file by itself.

What Source games besides GMod do you own?

Dependencies? Crap. I don’t have CS:S, or L4D. I think that’s all though.

Alot of maps use CS:S textures/models.

L4D can’t be used in GMod, so you’re 'K there.

CS:S though…I personally think Steam shouldn’t allow you to buy GMod without CS:S these days because EVERY SINGLE GMOD ADDON USES IT.

Actually, there is a map in GMod with no pink and black textures called “zs_urbandecay”. Isn’t that from L4D? Also, I have the same problem. I have HL2, GMod, Portal and TF2, just not L4D and CS:S.


I just got CS:S for X-mas last year.

Left 4 Dead isn’t supported by Gmod, however, you really should buy CS:S, which is used by most of the addons.

Oh no, that map is way older than L4D.

But is CS:S actually a good game? I’m not buying it just to get more models.

CS:S is still pretty decent if you like modded game servers and classic Bomb and Hostage game types.

Which brings me to my suggestion: Allow us to buy a freaking “Source Engine Model Pack” with every damn model and texture from every source game included for like $30.

Or the Valve complete back.
Off topic.
Also apperntly I checked my emails and apperntly I am a Cheating Welsh Cheap Bastard :buddy:

That’s like $90. The idea is that if you dont want to own the whole damn game you can get the models, textures, and associated sounds at a lesser price without the whole game.q

Yes, but what if you want to play Hl2 and the rest with out the annoying “I got all the weapons and I can respawn and I can’t use the fucking achievements” Status Quo.

What? Uhh that would be for stuff not required as dependencies, like CSS and TF2. I’m saying you’d still need Gmod + HL2, only side effect would be that you would have all textures, models, etc so that you could play Gmod without random crappy errors.

Yes, but what if someone wants TF2, they would either buy the game it self, or get The Orange box, I am trying to explain about Future proofing. Not, “I guess I’m gonna have to buy that to see that model error”.

I see. Maybe they should release it in a hidden portion of steam and not tell anyone, then silently point people in that direction if they talk about purple textures.(Not really, but still)

Now we are on the same wave length.

oh. well, what does zs_ mean? At first I thought it meant “zombie survival”. i am STUPID.

What’s it from then? Bump.