Purple checkered textures and errors

I come across these in almost every map i download. And whenever i try to play online, i see the error item. I think it’s because i’m missing something, but what?

Do you have Counter-Strike: Source? A lot of addons require this.

Yeah, but i dont have hl2

well. thats THE most used source game. almost everything in gmod has something with that

It means you’re missing materials.


ERROR in online could mean you don’t have PHX3 or Wire SVN.

can someone put out a pack with the hl2 stuff?

No, that would be warez.

HL2 content is included into every source game. The errors and purple checkered textures are defiantly NOT from missing HL2 content.

then what is it from?

Have you deleted anything from garrysmod/garrysmod?

It might be EP:1, EP:2, or Portal. Check the requirements. Or redownload the maps

What he said. Almost as many maps use Episode 2 textures and models as they do Counter Strike textures and models so if you don’t have EP2 you’re pretty much screwed.

Could also be that you got a bad download, lots of maps get reuploaded and end up not working because the textures and such weren’t included.

alright, thanks everybody