Purple Eyes

The models


How do i fix this?

The citizen ragdolls are not the ragdolls that come with the Game its the 12 berets enhanced citizens
and 12 berets riot guys


Reinstall the models, or gmod, there must be some materials missing.

Do you have episode 2?
Alternatively an orangebox game (I think those include the shader as well)

-dxlevel 9?

they are staring into your soul.
and ever.

It’s -dxlevel 90 actually.

yes i bought the orange box

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And yea those eyes are really creepy :ohdear:

But like a month ago my models had like black Coatings

So some guy told me to put -dxlevel 8 into the start up thing
now i cant even kill or explode stuff

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Mr.mp i put -dxlevel 90 and my game works now

but black coatings are back

Thank you so much for saying 90 i thought it was 9

Source doesn’t support < dxlevel 80, dont even bother 0.9…

Can you post a screenshot of them?


here ya go:
It should be the eye fix.

All of bloocobalt’s models, use the enhances eyes, so that’s why.

Ok Eyes fixxed
Now how to i get rid of the black coatings on my ragdolls?

Maybe put -dxlevel81 back

That Works But Then i cant
kill/open my console/explode stuff/die/

it Removes the black coatings but fucks up m ygame

Man them guys are fuckin’ blazed

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Should have went with a ‘pink eye’ joke

My impression is that it’s got something to with phong most likely. Or normals alternatively. Try putting mat_specular 0 into the console to see if it fixes anything.


Thank you

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Well it worked for awhile

it worked on the first time But Now it doesent

Sounds bad, have you tried uninstalling gmod or renaming the folder to garrysmodold or something?