Purple Stranded

Purple Stranded Development:

Current Features:
Purple Hud
New Models for Spawn List
Renamed Options
2 New combinations

To Do Features:
Add 100 Combinations
Add More Options
Completley New Hud
Custom Tools
New Tool List Design
New Ability to make Wire Contraptions thru making the chips and crap
New Ability to make Life Support Contrapions thru making the generators and crap (Space Build 3)
New Ability to make Customizable Hud
New Ability if admin to make new model catagorys so you can add more ingame
New Ability if admin to make new Combinations ingame
Add Irrigation systems

Add Ability to make this into basicly dark rp when far into game (when almost everyone has a house with irrigation electricity and crap dark rp activates well a fake one same code but it calls it from sleep)

Add to Wire Must have Electricity to make contraptions (only on this gamemode)

New Ability to add new jobs ingame
New Ability to add new weapons to gundealer
Add Drugz mod to the dark rp part
Ability to switch between DarkRp and Stranded Q menus so you can play both when its unlocked

Current Beta: 0.1
Download: Wont have a beta download till stable enough…

Beta Testers:
Fluffy the Bunny


Current Updates:
Added New Tribes
Took Off Some Restrictions
Added Saving Creations
Added Crappy Stuff in Foraging (Weeds)
Added Crappy Stuff in Digging (Rotten_Meat)
Added More Things for foraging and digging
Added More Things if they die they give food (Hunter,Combine and Citizen)

Added 2 Big New Features:
If you press a new button called Hunt for food it says Loading at the top and it makes an antlion that wants to kill you so u fight it and get meat or die!!!
If you kill a zombie it drops rotten meat!

Trying to add right now:
On player death they drop meat just like npcs!

What’s so “purple” about it?

I like that this ventured away from the standard, and annoying, “green” (which all business just love now…)

But yea, I have no idea why this is purple. Screens? Is this really anything different? or are you just adding 2 combinatsions, change of hud, etc and renaming it?

It sounds somewhat interesting to be honest, but what happens when the server restarts. >.< You just got your house repossessed (Fail spell? not sure)

Can I be a beta tester? This sounds really cool. Your seam to have alot of “Empty” slots. I can pick out bugs and tell you what might be good to add and other useful things. If you want me to I can PM you my steam name.

TBleader You can be a beta tester at 0.3 due to thats when there probley be alot more bugs and why its called purple is because the hud is changed a bit to purple and im adding 100 combinations also 50 pertaining to the rp fake…

The DarkRP idea is horrible, at least write your own system.

Wire and over 100 combination in a stranded? No thanks

I never said the actual dark rp…

You shouldn’t have things like Wire and Life Support in Stranded. >>;

You’re stuck on an island, and you’re not some guy who just memorized how to change matter into separate forms without any sort of pre-existing equipment and then make a nuclear reactor.

I’m going to be a bit harsh here, but did you even try to create a well-drawn out articulate idea, or did you just throw stuff together hoping it would be cool?

Thats stuff when ur in city stage

Hey there!

I’d absolutely LOVE to be a dedicated beta tester.
(add me under Knifing Hamster)

I look forward to this very purple…Stranded? D:

I can pick out bugs for you,and I do not take things ridiculously seriously but know when to piss around and when to not.

So, it’s a bit like spore? Only, like, you go from tribe all the way up to a mayjor city? That part sounds interesting, but, how would the Jobs side of things work? Because, surely some jobs are only available in the ‘civilization stage’, so how would the gamemode recognize what ‘stage’ it is at?

Possibly have one person (mayor/leader) view his city from a RTS perspective,and the others who join are ‘assigned’ to a city to raise it up from stage to stage via contraptions to get from place to place with their resources (starts off with primitive objects like fences/phx wood wheels,and grows over time to wire and steel stuff) and the mayor/leader could help them do stuff via using the resources they gather to build structures (which the whole team votes on,to prevent douches) and then the players use a hammer (ZP:S model or scripted crowbar) to build it!

Also,a mayor could start a vote to banish someone from their city (putting them on the banished team,can raid a city and be general douches like they were on their city’s team)

Oh yeah,onto the stage advancing.

You could have a town hall,and when enough resources are gathered,you can order your player-workers to help upgrade it by hitting it with the builder tool.

And the mayor/leader can recruit units to fight others in war such as a reskinned zombie (primitive/first stage like a caveman skin) and rebel with a crowbar (second and third stage) and a smg equipped combine for the last stage.

(epic fail idea end)

So,can I please be in the beta? D:

Ooh, that idea sounds nice, maybe the tribe becomes more powerful through economic/military means, like, people join tribes or make their own, then, when everyone has a tribe, the vote a leader, he will then guide them through the tribes lifespan. And, eventually when all the tribes are one, or all others have been destroyed (or a mix) you enter the next stage, and at this point, it becomes more of a RP, based around mostly ecenomics. Like the leader is now a Mayor, and he can view the city in RTS like you said Kiq, and he can make plans, such as shops, houses, etc but he needs resources, therefore requiring workers (players} to go and cut trees, mine, and even do a little black market if needed. Also in his RTS view, now, this may sound far fecthed, but, he can trade with other Cities on different servers, although i’d doubt that idea would happen. So, once there is a city, as in any country, your going to end up with more areas of civilization, so if there are anymore villages built during this stage, whom would be allies, you can trade with them, but lets say depending on where ou built, you get more ecenomic bonuses, like, on a mountain you can get more iron, in a forest, well, thats self explanatory. But, to be quite honest, the idea of what is even going to happen is good enough for me, so no matter what happens, i’ll be supporting thsi right the way!

By the black market,you mean a large city run by NPC’s (just patrolling units,cant do anything) that has a shopping district where a worker-player can spend gold earned by putting resources in the stock cache on items like armor,and special units for their mayor like a strider (costs a ridiculously overpriced shitload of gold,must be on last stage)
that can take down a whole city with their strider cannon (structure epic bewms and falls apart in 5-6 DIRECT hits,but is easily taken down by a catapult (special unit at the black market) or a Magnusson (invented/researched by the mayor and supported by worker-players) that would make it very easy to take it down,but a huge threat without any of the stated.

Also,a strider’s long and tall legs allow it to stride over walls/defences,so this will penetrate easily and help allow the bulk of the ground troops to destroy the wall without hinder.

ALSO,this is going off-topic…this is Stranded,not a epic RTS/FPS mix.

Ummm, no… i meant more like, a panel where you can put resources on the market, and you can get different resources back, at a lower cost, but, using the black market could cause a deflux in your Cities Prestiege and your economy suffers a drop in production. Or you can go with your idea, it could work either way, but, the whole strider thing, well, thats a bit, far-fetched, i didn’t mean have a war with them. Just trade.

Bleh,I jumped the barrier from acceptable to downright insane.

Hey, we all get ideas that are sometimes too good to be true…

The one with the highest survival stats is the mayor and the mayor can support 2 jobs not just being the mayor :slight_smile:

oh knifing hamster i know you from css you tried to kill me with a bus!


This is basicly build civilization on a island that you are stranded on

Ok that suits me. How many jobs have you thought of, or even done, so far?