Purple Trees!! *BUG*

Hey, just loaded up Rust this morning and on spawning in to the game as a new-spawn i committed suicide and selected Respawn “At a Camp”, as i was unsure if i had been raided or the server had been reset. It appeared the server had reset but when i loaded back in all the tree trunks had turned a nasty purple colour. When i committed suicide a number of times the tree’s stayed the same purple colour, and i had to re-open the game before they went back to normal. I then committed suicide again a number of times to see if the same bug would happen again but it didn’t.

I don’t know if this is a known bug or is happening to anyone else so i just thought id mention it on the forums. Sorry i didn’t get a screenshot as i have no idea how to at the moment and when i tried reopening the game in a windowed mode to get a screen capture everything had gone back to normal.