Purpose of Metal House?

I am curious. The obvious reasons are the fact that they sponge more damage of course.
Though the metal doors are already easy peasy to break through.
You can’t really see through the cracks of a metal wall, it looks cooler, does campfire shine through?
People most likely won’t build up to your window due to resources/discoveries…
am I missing something big here? What are the benefits! =)

It forces people to blow out your doors instead of walls, therefore allowing you to create a maze of metal doors, as people usually aren’t going to waste 7-8 charges on a metal wall.

More or less what you would expect. The walls are ALOT stronger and as such, take more to blow up. Just makes a stronger house.

The walls take 4 charges to blow and decay slower.

They take a lot more than 4 charges, we had to use 7 last time to get to some guys loot room,

its a different if you place the charges directly in the middle of the wall or on an other place

It just takes 4 and sometimes there is an odd one that takes 5. One at a time and in the center.

Put in for primarily dupers. I can’t justify building one big enough to be worth it, because its not worth the metal price.

So you are saying that only “dupers” can make them because they take so many resources? If that is what you are saying, you are playing the game wrong.

I’m saying only dupers can make them quickly enough and big enough to be worth building.

Sorry to inform you a 5x5x5 wood building is more secure than a 3x3x3 metal building.

But by all means teach me how I’m playing the game wrong? I’ve got enough metal to make a decent sized one. But when there were 5x5 metal towers the first 24hrs after wipe.


3x3x3 Metal building:
Foundations: 1080 Metal Fragments
Pillars: 1440
Walls: 4320 (Assuming they occupy every spot possible on every floor)
Ceilings: 3240 (Assuming on every floor)

Total: 10,080 Metal Fragments
1,008 Metal Ore & 1,008 Wood & 4.2hrs in the furnace.

Furnace Takes 2 Wood and turns 2 Metal Ore to ~10 Frags every 30 seconds.

10080/10=1008 Metal ore. /2 = 504 cycles = 4.2 hours of furnace time.

Plus all the crafting time from Fragments to LQMetal, then into building parts.

Hence where the not worth building comes in.

Build your wood house in a spot no one will find.


In less than 24 hours I have been able to build a 3x3x3 Metal house, Collecting all material by myself.

I built the wood house in the far south area of Resource Valley. Used it to hold all my metal ore and smelt it. Wood house was never found, metal house built, maze of doors on first and second floor will make most people stop trying to raid because of lack of resources to get to third floor.

Well now that you’ve said it on the forums. You’ve indicated all your stuff is on the third floor. So build up to it, 7c4 on a wall and 16 on your top floor vs more than that to go through your maze.

Still hasn’t justified the use of it. In a properly built wood house you’re still guessing where all the goods are stored. At about the same amount of c4.

I think it’s still very much worth it and it could probably take a little longer to make metal than wood parts. Crafting time into LQ and then into parts is no different than wood into planks then into building parts. Sure it does take a little longer when you have to smelt it but you have to cook food and smelt to sulphur anyway so you’re not really doing much extra. Mining that 1k ore doesn’t take THAT long and if you’re killing people then you progress along pretty quickly.

Just build it all in small lots and its very doable. Get your first floor and then add on whenever you can. Don’t horde loot so when someone busts in they don’t get a bucketload. Do you really need 20x m4’s? :wink:

I guess your metal base better be hidden too if your building it in small sections at a time. Or your on a server where they aren’t quick to grief you.

My calculations didn’t include doors either though.

You go ahead and try to build up to it, with foundations around it and pillars in the middle of them, nothing can be built next to it.

Foundation pillar doesn’t make you as safe as you think unless you’ve gone out to where no foundations can be placed, and/or your pillars are up higher than your building.

Done and done.

It simply doesn’t take as much effort as what you’re suggesting to make a metal base over a wood one. It may take a little more time with the smelting included but it’s pretty much identical.

I’m not really arguing effort as much as value.

One nice thing in having a metal base over a wooden one is: It takes the attackers to craft or bring metal building materials to make a tower on the side of your base. Everyone knows wooden building stuffs from the get go… In other words, your attacks would already need to know foundations, pillars, and stares/ramps to get on top of your base. Cant build wood on metal.