Purpose of the Patrol Helicopter

So, it’s pretty clear via Trello that the devs are creating a chopper, armed with machineguns and rocket launchers, though why I have no idea. What is the point of it? It’s heavily armed; is it supposed to fly around and just randomly shoot people, or blow up huge-ass buildings with its launchers? Could it be a sort of boss enemy, where you’d light up a flare or something, and you’d have to shoot it down and get factory guns, or actual medkits?

Who knows? Let yourself get surprised. :smiley:

Yeah, the patrol helicopter is completed according to the trello, meaning it should be coming real soon, we just gotta wait it out!

What do you mean actual medkits? You can already make ones that heal 100hp =P

oh dear god, if that thing is really coming in to the game :suicide:

Just more things to hide from… Either way it sounds pretty sweet can’t wait to see them in game.

Sounds like something you REALLY don’t wanna fuck with :v: I love a challenge~

Well, I imagine that the devs’ll later nerf them by making them extremely hard to find, like what they plan for factory weapons. 100 HP per medkit is a biiit too much; maybe you’d be able to craft only minor medkits and bandages pre-helo battle

I think a good use for it would be at night there be a few randomly flying around with a spotlight and if you walk into it… ur fked, kind of thing

Its not 100hp per medkit unless you take the time to find or make large amounts of medkits, plus, its over time. Using 1 large medkit takes the same time to heal you as stuff 20 chicken breasts down your face.

well now I wonder why i use large medkits… Is this fact?

Yeah it is, medkits heal you over time and the healing is interupted if you take damage. Its easier to use medkits because its one click the stops bleeding and heals you alot, as opposed to constantly eating chicken every few seconds to get 10hp a piece. ( Also, fat as fuck. )

I’m just hoping we won’t be able to use it because in that case, I have BF4 for that…
Why not as a boss, why not as everything you want but not possible to use it, PLEASE …

I doubt they will make it possible to use it, it would ruin the entire feel to the game and be the biggest mistake possible, Personally i just want it to be something that makes night scarier

medkits so using small medkits is best idea… wasted my time on the 100hp ones…

I guess you’re right, but that got me thinking. What if the devs fully implemented broken limbs, or put in infections or sicknesses, and you had different medicines to fix each problem; while bandages and the current large medkit fix bleeding and HP. The proposed helicopter medkits could fix all of that with a single kit, but maybe that’d be a little overpowered.

If the helicopter IS a boss though, maybe it’d be the line that people have to cross if they want the heavier weapons and armors. It’d attack with the machine guns, and if they hid in buildings, the rockets would blow their place up. That’d be pretty cool, and cut back on raiders with full Kevlar and M4s.

Maybe it was put in place to prevent hackers as some to bring law back

It will only hunt down hackers and will never die Muhahaha… but yeh no…

That being said, rare medication on it would be interesting, maybe they had a few things where u get sick from something and u have to wait it out but the pros can use medication found from the heli to get back on their feet? would be interesting and be promising to adding some more immersion by catching a cold etc, etc

But that is an example of rich get richer. If illness were to be implemented, the M4 kevlar bandit clan will have the meds to instantly heal while the less geared or lone wolves will be stuck in their shack for however long instead of gathering resources that could save their lives.

yeh I guess you are right Angharrad… maybe it could be implimented into a disease u get after having xx hours of game play, so that after you get past a main point in the game you have to keep yourself healthy or you have less healing affects or run 5% slower or something

Maybe the ability to crush herbs to make some small things to reduce the effect but u need to be with the big boys to remove it?

The problem with survival games is that certain benefits are only avaliable to the big clans. Im not complaining that a group of people gets stuff done faster, but they shouldent have anything exclusive. I mean, you dont need to go raid a millitary base to get Kevlar and an M4, any old sod can get one from zombies and radtowns. If illness were implemented, i want the cure to be available to everyone.

Random thought here but I think it would be cool if it acted as another drop event.

The helicopter would fly into the map, place a single crate (with [insert item suggestions here]) and then temporarily patrol the area. If it spots someone, it would fly towards them allowing someone to access the crate. It’d continue to patrol the area until it flies back out (continuing to patrol it’s path on the way out).

I can only speak for the server I play on, but crate drops are strongest-always-wins - it’s how the strong get stronger. This would make getting this particular crate drop less predictable - if the helicopter spots the ‘strong guys’, it’d chase them allowing someone weaker to get the crate.

It should always also be random drop areas.

Just my idea anyway!