Pushing around smoke/snow particles.

Is there some way to push around particles generated by func_precipitation and func_smokevolume?

I want to create a snowstorm effect and I need areas where the snow gets blown into the building through holes and whatnot. I can fake it for the most part with displacements and an animated scrolling smoke texture, but that doesn’t really work indoors.

I have tried trigger_wind and trigger_push with no luck.

As far as I know, env_wind or invisible func_brushes can push particles around, try those.

I would use env_wind, but I want them to blow in different directions depending on the position of the hole.

Have you tried env_explosion or env_physexplosion entities?

Would those create a constant force or can they only do bursts?

env_explosions or env_physexplosions can be set to blow continuously if you set the time between each blast to 0