Anyone else think it’d be funny/cool to have a melee option where you can push people? Maybe if you get a running start on it you knock them over or something. People chasing you near mountains/cliffs could be shoved off the side, people chasing you into your house could be shoved back out the door if they make it in, or they could ambush you as you come out your door and shove you before you can close your door and take you out. I feel like it’d be a cool addition/hilarious melee option.


That would be cool. +1

This has already been asked before, don’t repeat under populated threads.

My bad, couldn’t find it in the search function. Sorry about that.

Would be cool if you could throw that rope thing with balls on it to make people trip who are trying to get away from you.

Imagine chasing a full Kevlar with no ammo and you throw that, he falls and you bash him with your rock.

Duuuuude yes. That’d be friggin killer hahaha

I believe that device is called a bola

Beat me too it haha.

How about caltrops? Ways to slow down people chasing you would be cool.

I’d personally like to do the jump kick from titanfall in rust, It would be pretty damn funny to see all the naked people running around jump kicking each other xD

I would like if we could fight punching with our fists instead of using this clamsy rocks. Punching should deliver less damage but be far more faster.

Would be pretty funny too, run up to a Kevlar and punch him in the ass and run away screaming.

My Rust review would go from 11/10 to 20/10 if ass-punching were implemented.