Pushing the incy bitsy tiny Cart back home!

I didn’t put shell casings because i want to add them with photoshop…when i find decent shell casing pictures…
BTW i know my muzzle flash sucks :frown:

I like how the Engineer is leaning out of cover behind the crate.

The muzzle flash is fine, if not a tad too small.

It’s the smoke from the soldiers rocket that I don’t much care for. Too clean, too small, too much like cigarette smoke. Should be larger and more… ‘misty’.

But otherwise the posing is excellent :slight_smile:

I need to do more action poses.

Yeah, I agree with the soldier’s smoke. Just blur it a tad or something. Other than that, great job!


Shadows make everything bettah.

An every day gold rush situation.

hoodoo :pseudo:
good posing, only thing i don’t like is the soldier’s rocket launcher’s smoke, it’s too wispy.

didn’t think about the shadows…
and yeah thanks for the smoke

Why did I think of the itsy bitsy spider when I read the title?

Nice job.

Nice posing.

Aaww … when i read the title, i thought it’s going to be a funny pose with Heavy but it’s just another generic bulls#!t. :frown:

It’s pretty good. Like that other guy said, the smoke isn’t quite right, but that’s minor. I’m also not too fond of the sniper’s head angle, which looks kind of off-kilter, but that may just be me.

Good work.