Put a light on airdrops

It seems whenever an airdrop lands at night, there is this big race between people of feeling out the environment trying to find it. It’s true that someone could bring something like a candle hat or a miner’s helmet to get it, but I feel like that makes airdrops excluded from a large population of new players. Airdrops are a shitfest of fighting to get very high-end equipment and typically the high-end players do win, but I feel like this is too extreme of an advantage over new players. Plus, a light on the airdrop would cause even more chaos as it would seem much more appetizing to everyone on the map due to how easy it is to find. The more important thing though, is that it would give a naked who seeks only to grab the shit in it and run a better chance.

tl;dr Put a light on airdrops to make them more interesting at night and give a new players a better shot at getting them.

I agree. It also stops people from purposefully throwing a signal at night just so people won’t find it.