Put a Toybox into a Addon?

Is it possible to take like the Scanner Pill and make it into a Addon so you can give out the Pill and ect without toybox? Like get it from the Weapons Menu?


I and multiple other people have been asking for this feature for quite some time now. You can find the original thread here. Unfortunately it loos like Garry decided to totally ignore his customers so this probably wont ever happen.

Edit: I literary found this 2 minutes after posting. It’s an addon that allows you to access your toybox stuff off-line.

If you’re wondering specifically about the scanner pill ect, I might be putting them in an addon soon anyway.There’s just a few features I want to add (health) and a few things I want to fix (not precaching models in sentry, and the dreaded “I PRESS SHIFT AND IT WONT GO UP” glitch)

Your the Creator :o, How long do you think it will take until you get everything fixed and Done? Cause Im working on a Gamemode and I would really love to have it on there.