Put bandages back on the default considering their nerf.

Bows, Barricades and now Gunpowder have been made default crafts, yet bandages have been removed?

They’re no longer stackable and spammable which is great. However they’re so slow to use that they’re pretty much ineffective during combat. They’ve moved to take the post-battle first-aid role, which again is a good thing. With significant less effectiveness than before, I think they’re just as vital as Stone Hatchets or Sleeping Bags to know by default. Too many times have I come out on top during a fight with a substantially large amount of hp but have died to bleeding that I could have not done anything about. Especially considering the new changes to food (which again, are good).

This change is giving me flashbacks to the time when bows and arrows weren’t known by default. I just think it’s silly to have all the default weapons have bleeding effects yet no way by default to defensively counter these weapons or effects.