"Put the crab on." Rebels place a crab over a CP's head.


The spittle was pretty simple, I tried to add motion blur to parts of the crab’s body to make it look it’s squirming.


what they dont know is that they need to take the helmet off first

And just why would they wanna make something even more hostile than it was?

I am wondering about this too.

They don’t need to. Crabs can still get the job done regardless if the mask is on or off.

There’s a good reason why there’s another dude with a shotgun watching.

Nice work, but the spittle needs to be more…bold. It’s kind of hard to tell it’s there.

Torture :woop:


Looks decent.


That’s a mask bro.

helmet, mask, its basicly the same thing for the metro cops

Isn’t it supposed to be turned the other way?
Otherwise, awesome.

Nice idea! I liek it.

Really cool concept. Seems like it would be a very effective means of torture.

That is terrifying. :ohdear:

this is a REALLY unique idea. I can’t say I’ve seen a picture done like this before.

I like it. The composition could really be done better, though. For one, it’s too wide-angle (the guy on the left looks kind of stretched out as a result) and things like vignetting could be applied to make the image a lot darker.

Plus the general color job doesn’t apply at ALL to the lack of lighting. For low light, you want either a blue image, a lime colored image, or a mix of lime highlights and blue shadows. You have some desaturated green tint that doesn’t really blend in to the environment and doesn’t emphasize that they’re in a dim-lit cabin in the middle of nowhere with a hostage.

And this is how Ravenholm started

You would think the combine would do this to a rebel, not the other way around. :ohdear:.

I hope they all get eaten by the same dude. :v:

I would like to see an MPF unit in the city and a rebel silently coming with a headcrab from MPF’s back.

Out of focus.