"Put the gun away, then come talk to me." A Stalker meeting more Stalkers


“Panties soon,Fellow stalker”

The poses and scene all look nice, but you did a poor job positioning the L4D head swaps, that really ruins the picture for me.

ellis is too young 4 the zone

I like it, the players arms could use a little texturing though. You did a good job overall though, I’ll give you a palette.

Good God the DoF :barf:

Decent concept and you did well picking the BHP for the player’s weapon, but damn dude, the execution.

rossmum is pretty spot on. I thought those rocks were a giant smoke blast until I looked at it for a little bit. Yeah, the depth of field is really weird. Did you use SDoF in GMod? If not, there’s a reason why it’s there. If you want to get different things in focus, what I do is I take several pictures with the DoF varying then edit them together. It’d probably be better than what you did. Concept’s fine, I like it. Redo this one day.

Also invert the normal maps for those guys. Open in Photoshop and Ctrl + I the red and green channels.

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wait shit that IS a giant smoke blast

Nice effort but no, sorry.

Is it smoke or rock?

I’d say rock… but holy crap

It’s rock. My ingame SDOF is botched, so I did my best. I know it’s not that great, but hey, I gave it a shot.

Did I inspire you a little? :smug:

My god I like your Grass particles though.
Was those on map or manually placed?

Manually placed.

I don’t see how that would have inspired him.

Besides, his is way better.

I read the quote in Captain Bailey’s voice from Mass Effect 2.

The head swap and the first-person look kind of strange. and the tree line looks repetitive and ugly.

Other than the ugly head swap, it’s actually pretty good.