Put the Rust char in the white area [video]

Press play/pause until the character fill the white area.
If you can do this, post screenshot!

This is just to garner views. I think this thread should probably be locked/deleted.

Views? My channel is not a professional channel, just use them for upload my videos and insert in my blog about Rust. It isn’t monetized (see picture below), is just a funny video.

I try embed my video here, but the forum does accept MP4. :slight_smile:
Don’t write what you don’t know. :wink:


why even post this, the forum is a place to discuss and alert others to bugs and to FP is they see teh thread

There is no rule prohibiting posts with hobby, if not like, ignore… Stop being childish. :slight_smile:
Show me where is the rule that the forum is ONLY for reporting errors…