Putin should die


I was expecting Chechens attacking the Kremlin or something.
This is close enough.

oh you :wink:

Assasins Creed: Motherland.

Looks like someone have collected too many promos

RIP Carl Linney…

Just don’t tell Putin in case he gets ideas.

No thanks, for World Peace I prefer a stong Russia to oppose the World Police…

Oh and the pic is pretty nice, the snow on Facepunch at the moment actually adds really nice to it.

China will soon be ready to take Russia’s seat.

With Putin Russia is just not strong enough.
People a living in ГОВНО, believe me comrade.

Hm… kind of, you’re right…

Jokes will no longer be “in soviet russia”,
they will now be “in communist china”.

And the penalty for saying one shall be death by missile strike.

He’d be shot down before he even got close enough. I perfer the old consealed pistol method myself.

But our military can fuck them 10 times.

People are living in Говно but we got Topol-M and Ak-74 and T-95. All of the chinese nightmares are our weapons.

FYI: Firepower is just one of many types of power. What USA, for example, is worried about is China’s growing economical strength.

Chinese economy can fuck you (and many other nations) 10 times.

You really believe in this propaganda shit?

I hate to burst your bubble man, but the Russian Armed Forces aren’t exactly in peak condition. Coupled with a severe manpower shortage and lot’s of aging equipment, i don’t think the ChiComs are exactly shaking in their boots.