Putting Custom Textures to "Materials" in Garry's Mod

Hello there, I’m interesting how to put my custom textures to GMod. I used this addon, but it doesn’t work or I don’t understand where should I put .vmt and .vtf files.

And… Is there any official Discord server for Facepunch or Garry’s Mod? Link to Discord from header is dead.

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You can put the vmt and vtf files anywhere in ~/materials/, whether that is directly in your materials folder or through an addon. Just make sure that the names/sub-folders are unique so they don’t conflict with default materials. You’ll also have to change the vmt’s $basetexture and other parameters that use a path to reflect where you put it.

Facepunch Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/Ea8s962
GLua Discord: https://discord.gg/6rsbUU8

I put vmt and vtf here and I can’t get it in the game :frowning:
Can you test these materials, please?

You’ll have to manually register them with the addon.