Putting down an old friend

I like these skins. Unedited goodness. You can edit it if you want.

Picture looks okay, but could use some editing, although I really came in here expecting a dog.

fookin automerge. here is also an alternate angle i did not like much



Oh, it’s a zombie. At first there I thought it was a black military officer.

yeah it’s a zombie. and what the fuck is up with the media tags?

Like the angle, posing, models used, It’s really good!


Nice work. Posing on the zombie is excellent.

you could have at least used some dof

i tried and it looked very shitty no matter how much i toggled it.

Even the poses have changed in facepunch it used to be, a npc with gun, a few props, bloom, and bam its a pose

Where did you get the Non-Zombie army guy?

you could search the model & skins section you know
stop being so lazy

I dunno what name i should search.

are you kidding me?
have you heard of checking out the threads in the release section?