Putting GMOD npc/player_model addon in Hammer editor help

Hi, i need to have 2 npc models/player models from a gmod addon in the source sdk/sourcemod.
I have extracted the files with gmad and i have them but, i have no idea what to do with them and i need them in source sdk for a ep2 mod.
This is possible right?
If so, please help fast.

You should have a models and materials folder, drag both of them into PathToSteam/SteamApps/common/Half Life 2/ep2/
Restart hammer and done.

Is it that easy? Dont you need to change the fgd?


Okay thank you it is working, atleast with a prop_static.
Only do you know how to have a npc_citizin use the model?
It was used the same way for gmod and i saw it has all the animations.

I think you can set the npc’s model, I’m not sure if that’ll really work.

I can only find a option to change the model but that only goes through the male 1 male 2 etc.
Do you have any ideas?

Nope, sorry, I don’t know much about NPCs

Well then
I still have some ideas to try.
Thanks for your help till now.

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I have fixed it.
But really fhank you for your help so fast.
I needed it.

Can you tell how you did it? I want to change models of some npcs in a map im working one.

Yes, it’s common courtesy to post how you solved a problem when you do. Someone else might have the same problem later down the road, and it saves an extra thread being made, and hours/days of figuring out how to solve it.

Put materials and models in the ep2 folder and probably in the sourcemod folder.
Then directly copy the path to the model and then go to hammer.
Open the citizen and click smartedit and then in model put the path.
Then it should work.
If its not a citizen model then just use a prop static or something and search for the model.
Also by the citizen disable anything that has random head or something.
Also make him “unique”. Otherwise it will error or just crash.