Putting Half-Life 2 cpp mods into Garrysmod

I am trying to make a poison zombie torso
I edited npc_poisonzombie.cpp in visual studios and compiled it into server.dll
with all the other default half life 2 code
but and i tryed to edit the mount.cfg file in gmod
but it doesnt work
When I try to spawn it, in the console
it says it couldent find npc_poisonzombie_torso ):
What do i do

mount.cfg is not for code content. You’ll have to do it in the Garry’s Mod Module environment: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Creating_Binary_Modules

You can’t do it like that, you either write a binary module ( I.E. An NPC from scratch in C++ )

Or you write an NPC from scratch in Lua.

How do I create a module as a begginner

It will take you YEARS if not decades to do this with a module from scratch with no C++ experience what so ever ( or any programming experience as far as I can tell ).

My suggestion - just don’t bother. Make the NPC using Lua or something.