Putting npc in heli, car, boat, ect HELP!!

I would like some help putting a npc or a person in gmod into a heli and control the heli. Same for a boat or car. Thanks!!!

Help and Support section.

Second of all, you can’t. Done.

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Yeah, ive seen in gmod videos a person in single player (not multplayer) in gmod having helicopters attacking thier base… How do I do that? thanks!

I would like to know too! Mabye some kind of npc control addon.

there is a npc control addon but it only lets you move them around…

There is so far no way to put NPCs into vehicles, the only way to do it is use a ragdoll. And that is very hard and not worth the time unless you are using the scene for editing in a program like vegas.

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They use enemy helicopters…

Well Mabye Garry will think about it.

Could u give me a link to one on garrysmod.org?

Here you go man!

The helicopter itself is a NPC and has it’s own AI.

NPC_helicopter. It’s available in various NPC spawnlists, like mine for extra Half-Life 2 NPCs. On a related note, a friend of mine made this tool that lets you send a helicopter to bomb your target. That might help?

Thanks so much guys, one more question though, thanks! Is there a tool to change npc and heli’s and turrets to the diff team?? Thanks I’ve seen it on you tube before but I don’t know what it is called

Should be in the toybox, something called faction changer. however that might not work, so be specific. Like what did you see? Turrets attacking combine and not attacking rebels?