Puzzles Gamemode Server (HL2:DM Maps)


The objective of the gamemode is to complete given levels in the map. The maps were originally made for HL2:DM game, so the gamemode contains scripts that make the maps backwards compatible.
Players receive rewards for each completed level. The points can be spent on upgrades such as regeneration, bunnyhop, jumppack and etc…

Server IP: doxidegaming.com
Most of the maps were not tested completely. If you find any issues, you can leave a post in this thread.
The server also contains few COOP maps where players have to fight against NPC to progress trough stages.

The gamemode files are not going to be published.

Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B11uwRQw_I-kemJyNjkyTnpKT00/view?usp=sharing
Screenshots: https://copy.com/Yr6LB4dSgONVF7ui

Isn’t this just a server advertisement if you aren’t going to release it, given you are posting in the “Gamemode & Addon Releases” section?

I’m releasing my gamemode for playing, not hosting. Like Garry did with Rust initially. And there also GMTowerthreads in same category, and they’re not releasing files either, neither anyone complaining its advertisement.

I fucking love hl2dm puzzle maps. Nice

Well you did just bring this thread up so I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t have many people complaining yet…

On Topic:

You’ve got no media for what you’re trying to show off and zero to none information about your gamemode except that it has “Hl2:DM” maps, So in my honest opinion this was made solely for advertisement

And there goes my interest.

Also, if you’re going to keep it private, be sure to actually separate client and server. if ( SERVER ) then doesn’t make you any safer.

I’ve added media.