PvE c4 exploit

Quick question that i havent seen any where else in forum…
is killing a player with c4 banable on the PvE server …cos i mean the server is titled NO PvP

No Pvp can mean a lot of diffrent stuff, even that you can’t attack others bases, that also pvp.

It is not banable.

It’s not bannable, but it’s a way to circumvent the noPVP system. I was just walking along and someone stuffed a shack, metal door and C4 over me to loot me. Fucking genius.

its a pretty dog act tho

one simple solution , make c4 do no damage to players only doors…

naah, there should be a bit of fun… hmm. what about a cross you could stick players on… no wait… a launching platform! put the c4 under them, like tnt and obsidian in minecraft, and launch them into the air… sounds like fun!